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The Barony of Harland
The city Stag’s End
The city Tatzlscrossing

The Rostlands

Kingdom Stats

Kingdom Trait Total From Buildings Leadership Edicts Resources Allignment Events Edicts Vacancies Other
Economy 30 6 16 2 6
Loyalty 20 5 12 1 2 2 -2
Stability 21 3 11 1 4 2

Unrest penalty: -4


Kingdom allignment: Neutral Good, resulting in +2 Loyalty and +2 Stability.
Promotion level: Token, resulting in +1 Stability and +1 BP consumption monthly.
Taxation level: Standard, resulting in +2 Economy and -2 Loyalty.
Festivals: 1 per year, resulting in +1 loyalty and +1 BP consumption monthly.

  • Founding Festival, the celebration of the founding of the Barony’s first town and settlement, Stag’s End. It is celebrated on the first day of the autumn, lasting a full week, with a large market gathering at Oleg Breverton’s trading post and the first autumn beer being released from Stag’s End to its populace.

Monthly Consumption: 0 BP, from size +10, cities +2, edicts +2, farms -14.
Treasury: 13 BP.


Ruler, Baroness: Harpuya Harland, +6 to Economy.
Councilor: Svetlana Breverton, +3 to Loyalty.
General: Akiros Ismort, +2 to Stability.
Grand Diplomat: Master Samui, +5 to Stability.
High Priest: Jhod Kavken, +4 to Stability.
Magister: Master Traler, +5 to Economy.
Marshal: Kersten Garess, +4 to Loyalty.
Royal Assassin: Vekkel Brensen, +2 to Loyalty, -1 Unrest per Upkeep phase.
Spymaster: Chieftain Sootscale, +3 to one of Economy, Loyalty or Stability per Kingdom Turn.
Treasurer: Oleg Breverton, +2 to Economy.
Warden: Uran Brownfoot, +3 to Economy.

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