Founded a year into the rule of Harpuya Harland by the entrepreneuring carpenters and tradesmen, Leroy and Latricia Rezbin, the village of Tatzlscrossing is located at a ford in the Skunk River where once a pair of mated Tatzlwurms had nested. It is situated near a veritable cache of woodland resources, and its location on the river makes it an excellent outpost for people traversing the Greenbelt and beyond from the Kamelands.

It has suffered a little under the recent troll attacks, but stays under the vigil of the druid and the Barony’s warden, Uran Brownfoot, as well as the Barony’s local guard.

City Stats

City Districts: One
Base Value: 700 gp
Defense: +0
Population: ~700


Name Size Bonus Other notes
Housing, 2x 1 block Unrest -1, prereq building
Inn 1 block Economy +1, Loyalty +1, city base value +500 gp The Dancing Wurms Inn
Mill 2×1 block Economy +1, Stability +1

Magic items:

Minor items Medium items Major items


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