Stag's End

Stag’s End

Founded in the early autumn of the 20th year of rule of the Restovian Swordlord, Noleski Surtova, this small town was a direct result of the pioneering efforts of the Swordlords of Restov. Shortly after a small charter group set out to explore the Narlmarches and Greenbelt and outlaw the banditry that was rampant in this area, the almost legendary bandit king named the Stag Lord was killed just a short distance away from what once used to be Oleg Breverton’s trading post. The legendary defense of the trading post spelled the end of only one of the brave souls hired by the Restovian charter, who today still is known as the Flying Fist of Gorum in songs sung in the town and the surrounding villages.

The town is ruled by a kind and fair half-elf woman by the name of Harpuya Harland, who gathered with her allies of the charter from the surrounding area and from the successes of their adventures a motley but capable group of advisors and leaders. Together, they overlook the development of the town and the surrounding area.

Officially, this town is a city state upon itself, but a proper state still in the making, with a proper name for the lands to be decided upon by the council of leaders of Stag’s End.

City Stats

City Districts: One
Base Value: 2700 gp
Defense: +0
Population: ~2.500


Name Size Bonus Other notes
Alchemist’s Workshop 1 block Economy +1, city base value +1000 gp, 1 minor item
Housing, 3x 1 block Unrest -1, prereq building
Inn 1 block Economy +1, Loyalty +1, city base value +500 gp The Headless Stag
Office of the City Guard 1 block Loyalty +1, Stability +1, Unrest -1
Shop 1 block Economy +1, city base value +500 g Oleg’s Trading Post
Shrine to Erasthil 1 block Loyalty +1, Unrest -1, 1 minor item
Town Commons 1 block Loyalty +1
Tradesman, Baker 1 block Economy +1, Stability +1

Magic items:

Minor items Medium items Major items
Potion of Misdirection
Ring of Sustenance

Stag's End

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