Svetlana Breverton

The welcoming comitttee, as it were, of Oleg's Trading Post.


Svetlana is a cheerful young woman, who married Oleg at an early age. She has since been out with him for many years, until they both decided to move away from the politicking of the Sword Lords back in Restov. While Oleg has always been the dedicated keeper and inventory keeper, Svetlana always tended to the host of guests that would come and go at the trading post.

Since the rise of the Stag Lord, Svetlana and her husband faced harsh times of intimidation and brutality, being robbed monthly of their hard-earned goods and money. At least, until a small troupe of the Royal Charter of Restov had smashed the band of thieves apart. Ever since, the Brevertons have welcomed the motley band of heroes with wide-open arms.

She is a forward, cheerful person, and certainly a talented cook.


Svetlana Breverton

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