Kersten Garess

The dutiful watch of Oleg's.


Kersten is a small-name nobleman from Restov, tasked with the guard of the southern borders of the area near the Stolen Lands. Specifically, he was asked to patrol and stand by the old fort where Oleg and his wife had settled in. Having arrived merely days after the Royal Charter of Restov had smashed the bandits that robbed the Brevertons, he felt like his duties were unnecessary, but he and his good men and women have since settled into the trading post themselves quite well, awaiting the return of the Charter for good news and tidings.

Kersten has plenty of reason to be all the more happy about his deployment. Out in the fields, he seems quite liberated from the politicking back up in Restov, and he even draws quite a bit of hope from the good news the Charter gives him – dangerous creatures were slain, the mite/kobold war was all but resolved, and many bandits were captured to be brought to justice in public proper.

One particular note is, of course, how he had sold the Charter an older mare trained for battle. Pauline, as she is named, has since served the Charter dutifully as a pack animal, as well as Uran’s usual means of travel.

Kersten Garess

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