Jhod Kavken

The kindly priest of Erasthil, out to mend wounds and a troubled past.


A somewhat mysterious person, Jhod Kavken arrived with the merchant caravan of master Bronzebeard along with the Restovian guard envoy that Oleg had asked for quite a whiles back. He has been a quiet, reserved guest at the trading post since, mending wounds where he can, and helping out with Bokken from time to time in his craft.

He has his reasons for coming to the Stolen Lands, of course, but all he has told Skilitzes so far, is that he just has ‘his reasons’, after learning of Skilitzes’ rather troubled bout of divine nightmares. At least the troupe knows he sought the temple of Erasthil that was supposed to linger in the woods surrounding the Naarl Marsh.

Jhod Kavken

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