Crazy Ol' Bokken

Yeah. That's Bokken, alright.


A somewhat disheveled man that lives a ways away from Oleg’s in a mudhut he calls his own, Bokken is a smalltime hunter, and a proper potion brewer. He delivers his wares to Oleg’s for his additional materials and food, and for his gold for the occasional whoring.

He met with the troupe of the Charter quite early in their travels, making quite an impression on the lot. But he’s proven to be a reliable source of magic, and occasionally even easy to bribe.

He’s asked the troupe for at least seven potions’ worth of wolf fang berries a ways down in the south, promising the troupe half-off on all his wares for a month if they can get him his bittersweet ingredients. Unfortunately, however, the glade in the downs where the berries were found is infested with chewing spiders.

Crazy Ol' Bokken

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