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Sessie 1 & 2

I decided to keep a journal when I entered the Stolen Lands. So I don’t forget anything while I’m there.

1st day: I met my companions Skilitzes and Harpuya in Restov before we went to Oleg’s Trading Post. Skilitzes or “Skill” is a tough looking man and has a pleasant voice to listen to and Harpuya or “Harpy”, as I decided to call her, is a good looking woman with wooden legs.
We were greeted by a relieved Oleg, the owner of the trading post, and his wife Swetlana. Oleg saw us as the new appointed guards for his trading post, but we cleared up that misunderstanding. Hearing him out about his trouble with the local bandits, we decided to help the man and planned to let Skill have a go with his words and Harpy and me standing by, ready to ambush the bandits if things go wrong.

2nd day: The bandits came early in the morning on horses. After Oleg let them on the premises of the trading post, Skill started to talk with them. It ended up with a bandit running away after being hit by a bag of gold. The others started to fight and they set the roof of the stable on fire. We managed to subdue them. The bandits didn’t talked with us anymore, so Skill decided it was best to decapitate them and put their heads on spikes outside the entrance of the trading post. One of the bandits tried to say something, but Skill cut him off, by separating his head from his body. Harpy took a silver amulet in form of a deer skull from one of the bandits. Later on the day Harpy surprised us of her monstrous and terrifying form she could take on. I hid behind Skill when Harpy showed us and she decided to prevent using it while I was near. Oleg told us of a old hunter, named Bokken, east from his trading post. Bokken might tells us more of the wilds that are appointed to us for exploration.

3rd day: We went to see Bokken and it was a long trip for those feet of my. We found a small hut and after some yelling he came out. The grey bearded man told us how the unexplored lands looked like and that he sells potions if we had any interest in them. I decided to spice up the conversation with some funny moves that Bokken didn’t noticed. Before leaving, Bokken also requested that he would like some Wolfberries and gave us a direction of were we could find a patch of them.

4th day: We decided to some little exploring and I, as the self appointed map maker, was making the map. That night, a dark red eyed wolf, that I couldn’t recognize, attacked me during my watch. The wolf managed to bring me down, but my loyal companion Stam managed to get him pretty good.

8th day: We encountered a group of 6 bandits in the morning, while exploring the lands. After Skill talked to them and giving them directions towards Oleg’s trading post, they decided to rob us. We managed to hold them off and even killed 2 of them before the started to flee. Because we gave them the directions we also went with haste towards Oleg’s trading post, fearing the worst.

10th day: We arrived at the gates of the trading post and were greeted by the new appointed guards. The captain of the guards introduced himself as Kerstan Garris and told us that the bandits were scared off by the heads that Skill put up.

11th day: Because we heard from Oleg that a trading party would come by, we decided to wait for them to restocked our supplies and buy an animal to carry the heavy equipment we were carrying ourselves. I helped out Oleg with rebuilding the stable that was burned down by the bandits. The traders were called Jot Kafken, Vekkal Stoneheart and a dwarf called Bronzebeard. We bought from the traders rations and a horse called Pauline. It seems that Pauline doesn’t like me. Swetlana asked a favor of us that we would bring some Moonradishes so she could make a nice meal for her stressed husband. One of the trades called Vekkal Stoneheart said to reward us with a fine bow and some arrows if we managed to bring him the head of vicious swine called “Arrowhide”.

12th day: We started our exploration again and headed west into the forest, this time.

14th day: We encountered some kobolds eating radish. When they spotted us the charge us with their spears and managed to hit Skill badly. After the fight, we found two baskets filled with the Moonradish that Swetlana asked for. We put the baskets on Pauline and headed further into the woods.

15th day: We discovered a wild stream that is blocking our path. The thorn bushes around it, tells me that it is the Thorn river we are looking at. Unable to find a safe place to cross over we decided to head north and look for the source of the river. That night some strange things happend to Skill and Harpy.

17th day: We encountered an area in the forest filled with traps. one of them put some holes in one of the wooden legs of Harpy.

20th day: The source of the Thorn river is found and near it we found a dead body from a trapper caught in its own trap.

23th day: Out of the forest into the plains. A nice change and the strange pranks at night also stopped.

26th day: An old burial site is found and a warrior is buried there. After some hard work getting rid of the stone, the only thing of interested we found was a ring with an eel and frog on it. According to Harpy this was a magical ring that enhanced your ability to swim. She’s hanging on to it, for now.

27th day: In the night of this boring day of exploring some plains, a wolf-man attacked us. Our attacks did little but bruise his hide, but a little frog that Harpy summoned managed to poison the monster badly enough to force him to run away.

28th day: The decision is made to return Oleg’s, because our rations are running their course.

33th day: We arrived at Oleg’s and find lot of people there. After resupplying with an even larger amount of trail rations, we went and talked with everyone to get the latest news. It seems that Tod Valgreen wants to punish the bandits properly and wants 6 of them alive for return to Restov. And there is a reward for stopping the fight between the Black Scales kobolds and the local mite population; the Black Scales should be somewhere near the river called the Shrike. Oleg also wants the head of a Tatzelwyrm and offers a reward for it. The Moonradishes we found were given to Swetlana, but we forgot to keep it a secret from Oleg.

34th day: We are off exploring. this time going into a northern direction.

37th day: A giant elk is wandering the plains we are exploring. Probably looking for a female in season. We try to avoid it.

38th day: Oh gods the elk is still on us
Okay, managed to lure the beast away with some fruits. That was a full day’s worth of rations, though. For all of us.

45th day: Because nothing much happens, I learned about Harpy and her “powers”. Although they are frightening, she told us that she was in control. At least what I can remember of the first time we met. Perhaps I should apologies for my behavior, but I should talk about it with her first. Note to self don’t forget to talk about it.

51th day: Some wild boars attacked the camp at night and caused some nasty wounds on Skill and Harpy. They were, well, slaughtered.


Dinictus Dinictus

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