Third session

53th day: We found the source of the skunk river and it smells. And 2 giant frogs attacked us and one of them knocked me unconscious. Later that day i woke up and at least cured the worst wounds on my body.

54th day: In the morning we were attacked by a giant blue and green colored worm who we managed to drive off, but not before he poisoned Harpy. Luckily she was quite resilient against the poison.

55th day: We decided to go back to Oleg’s trading post so we can stock up on some needed battle supplies.

57th day: In the middle of the night during my watch, some bandits attacked us. We managed to capture two alive and the rest was murdered or ran away.

58th day: Skill managed to interrogate the captured bandits and learned were their camp was. We also learned that Someone called Kessel is the boss off them. Me changed our route so we could deliver the captured bandits as fast as possible. Thanks to Skill we managed to evade a troll who was cooking.

59th day: We heard some cackling and Skill went out to scout it out. After some time the cackling disappeared and then my patience was reached. Stam was ordered to track Skill down. We found traces of Rootmonster and finally found Skill chased by small blue lights. He claims that he wasn’t lost, but I know better.

60th day: We finally reached the plains. I and Harpy were talking about her and her connection with Ratium and the First World, were Ratiums home is. We met up with two patrolling guards from Oleg’s trading post. We arrived late at the trading post.

61th day: I managed to place a order for a small cold iron sickle and we run into Bokkum while we were mapping the area surrounding the trading post. We managed to get some healing potions from him.

63th day: While exploring we came across a traveling salesman and we set up camp near a improvised grave site. Skill and the rest had a hefty discussion about him rejecting the very existence of the gods.

64th day: In the morning we were surprised by a nixie, stupid little bugger. He plundered our rations and left a swarm of beetles while he ran off. Skill looked like he had a bad night.

67th day: Skill still looks sleepless but he reassured me that it was nothing.


Dinictus Snah25

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