Seventh Session

112th day: We came across the berries that Bokkum asked us to bring to him. It was painful gathering the berries due to their thorns. And midway of our gathering a spider swarm emerged from the bushes and forced us to leave.
When I have a better understanding of the power of nature, I will return to take vengeance on those insects.

113th day: We find an old fort on a hilltop and it seems to be under control of the Stag Lord. The others went scouting at night, while I told them that it wouldn’t do them any good.

114th day: Karel and Harpy went scouting again. And returned with bad news about undead behind the fort.

115th day: Following my idea of luring out the Stag Lord out of his fort. We set up camp on the path towards the fort. In the afternoon a group of bandits came and a Orc, whose name I forgot, came to talk with us. We learned that they hailed from Pitax and they brought armor and weapons of the guards they had killed over there. Karel made the conversation short, because he was eager to fight. During our fight we were also shot by arrows, but they missed us mostly. Though one arrow critically wounded Harpy, whose heart nearly was pierced by the arrow.
During the evening, a person from the fort came. He is called Akiros and he was one of the captains of the Stag Lords band. He told us what we were up against and that the Stag Lord was furious with us, because we killed one of those captains, namely the Orc of today. The Stag Lord is planning to ambush us tonight. Hearing this news I suggested to make it so that we had fleed, but instead hide nearby the fort and assault it when the Stag Lord and his entourage are out.


Dinictus Snah25

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