Fourth Session

68th day: We found a lair of Spring spider and dispatched the beast with the wild nature within me. We found a poor fellow who had a map on him indicating a place where he has hidden some stuff.

69th day: We returned at Oleg’s trading post. I collected my ordered weapon and bought some writing supplies. We had a discussion about what to do next. Skill wanted to look for a old temple and Harpy wanted to go after the bandits while I wanted to go stop the fighting between the Blackscales and Mites. No matter what the others think, I have the map so I decide what to do next.

70th day: We are heading out again and found two bandits at Bokkums place while passing by. sadly only one had the balls to go against us and he was met with a force that he couldn’t resist. The day ended for us when we brought those excuses to the guard.

71th day: We are setting out again. During the night shift of Skill, we were attacked by those big eyed Mites. I’m starting to hate those guys. Even Stam doesn’t wabt to eat one of those.

76th day: We found a old crossing across the Shire and according to nameplate it is called Nettle’s crossing. Skill was trying to get to the other side when the body of a vengeful spirit came. He fell into the water and I had my hands full what appeared listening to a dead mans grudge. After meeting with the dead I went after Skill, because he was still not seen coming above water. We found his drowned body during our search for him and I have burned him according to my tenets. Had a fight with Harpy, but we were both on edge, because of what happened with Skill. I am going to spend some time to learn to swim in case the same happens with me.

77th day: We found the location of the hidden spot we gained from the poor lad at the Spring spiders nest. He buried some stuff for magicians or to big to me.

80th day: During our exploration we found a single, old and grey common fig on the edge of some brushwood.


Dinictus Snah25

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