Fith and Sixth Session

81th day: At the end of our day mapping the area, we found a group of mites going back to their camp. We followed them from a distance and found their camp hidden beneath the old common fig. Still feeling troubled by the lost of Skill, I decide to go down and give the mites a good smacking to get some relieve. We battle in several rooms and even found the leader of the bunch, but he manage to get away. So we secured his bag of gold and a ivory statue of a kobold. When moving through the tunnels and chambers, I fell on a large insect that met its doom by my claws. When we thought we were done, we found a human and a kobold who seems to have killed the leader of the mites. Talking with them we found out that the name of the human is Karel and the kobold names is Mick-mack. Mick-mack want the statue I found to be brought to his chief. Although he doesn’t tell us much I decide to trust him and we follow Mick-mack to his chief. Karel seems to be a decent bloke so I invited him to join me and Harpy, because safety in numbers.

83th day: We arrive at the the Black Scales camp. Mick-mack guided us safely to their leader, called Old Blackscale. After some talking and negotiation, we found out that the tribe was struck by an illness that changed the color of the scales and they would die shortly after. Tarduk an outsider came and claimed the title of leader, because he could protect them against the illness. The camp split into two and Old Blackscale is willing to form an alliance with us if we return the statue and help him to overthrow Tarduk. He also said the statue could make the illness disappear. After agreeing with Old Blackscale we handed over the statue and he smashed into pieces. Without a pause, he rallied his followers and we were off towards Tarduk. We found Tarduk, a small purple being wearing a hooded cloak, while brewing in his pot. When he didn’t react on the words of Old Blackscale, Old Blackscale went to him and slashed him with his axe. Then a several Black Scales panicked and ran, because Tarduk stood there if nothing happend. We were then assaulted by magic by an invisible mage. It caused fear in our party forcing us one by one to run away. After Tarduk became visible, he was ganged up by everyone and stabbed to death by Mick-mack who forgot to run. Old Blackscale gave us the treasures that were collected by them which was mostly coins of all kinds and several magic items that didn’t looked useful in my eyes.

84th day: We are heading back to Oleg’s trading post.

85th day: We came across a horse chased by mites. Karel recognized the horse as his own. So we fought the mites and the horse was returned to its owner. That night during my watch a Brownie visit me. We had a nice talk.

86th day: We returned at Oleg’s trading post and I bought some magical healing supplies. It was told that Bokkum might be able to identify the magic items that we brought with us from the Black Scales. He would be visiting the trading post tomorrow.

87th day: Bokkum came and we asked him to identify our stuff. We order some magical armor and wait for it.

94th day: Our armors arrived and we set off towards a nearby camp that is being used by bandits. We plan to destroy that camp.

95th day: We manage to find the camp, but we walked straight into an ambush. After the heavy fight, Karel and Stam were at death’s doorstap and I wasn’t far either. Harpy on the other hand was totally fine, because her bonded creature took the brunt. We manage to capture three of the bandits alive and decided to bring them with everything valuable we found, back to Oleg’s trading post.

96th day: During our travel through the woods we saw some Black scales wandering with baskets filled with radish. During that night on my watch, a strange dog appeared. Me and Stam taugth that creature a lesson, because it started to eat from our rations.

97th day: We returned once again at Oleg’s trading post and we had a blast that night. The cart with liquor we found at the bandits camp was shared with everyone in the camp. Causing many of us to wake up with some pain in our heads.

98th day: A local hunter, called Willem, was killed by Arrowskin a ferocious boar. Vekkel reminded us of the bow and arrows he would give us if we manage to bring its head to him.

99th day: Were off exploring. Karel is troubled by a scaled cat. I think he still drunk from the paryt 2 days back.

101th day: We came across Arrowskin and we managed to take him down. Because the head is so big we decide to return immediately to Oleg’s trading post.

102th day: We were ambushed by a drift of boar. Karel went down and his little pink was lost when a boar trampled him. He was even harassed by 2 tiny creatures and one of them is a scaled cat. I say, he is still drunk.

103th day: During my watch I found 2 tiny forest dwellers. one was a small catlike dragon with wings and the other was a small half woman half insect. They were the ones harassing Karel, but they say otherwise. After talking with them I learned that there are some ruins nearby and some of the swamp that is south of the forest. Managed to stop them pestering Karel.

104th day: Back again at Oleg’s trading post. We delivered the head of Arrowskin to Vekkel and receive a bow and magical arrows as a reward.

105th day: My order for a new armor is in and it fits great.

106th day: We are off towards the ruins told to me by the tiny forest dwellers.

107th day: Harpy managed to get one of the forest dwellers drunk and I warned her not to do it anymore.

109th day: We found the ruins. Thanks to the tiny forest dwellers information and my knowledge we managed to find our way, through what looks like a maze made out of thorns. When we got there we were assaulted by a bear that knocked me out. Harpy and Karel tell me when I wake up that the bear changed into a old man before turning into ashes. Harpy finds a pool filled with life restoring waters. I remind myself that there was a person looking for this place, back at Oleg’s trading post.

110th day: Everyone agreed that it was time to punish the Stag Lord and we are heading towards his camp according to our information.


Dinictus Snah25

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