Eight and Ninth Session

116th day: The day starts with a thick mist that covers our approach to the fort. Akiros said the password to open the port and we rushed in. We managed to defeat the bandits who were in the fortress and even killed their pet owlbear. I found a secret tunnel, but it was filled with hostility so I was forced to return heavily wounded.
That night the Stag Lord and their men returned, but we were to late to give a response on their horn signals so the were aware of us.

117th day: We had some trouble staying awake, because we all were awake last night. Karel tried to create a diversion in the middle of the night.

118th day: It seems the diversion has no effect so we concluded that the Stag lord is heading towards Oleg’s Trading post. We decided to get there as fast as we can.

119th day: A bear visited us at night we managed to chase it away.

120th day: A owlbear visited us at night we managed to put it down.

121th day: Barely we managed to get at Oleg’s trading post before the Stag lord. So we were just in time to join the battle for Oleg’s trading post. Karel launched himself with the catapult straight to the Stag Lord, but he was overwhelmed and didn’t see the victory at the end of the combat. I bagged the head of the Stag Lord.

123th day: Although we lost Karel, we must continue our exploration, but first we return to the Stag lord’s old fort.

126th day: We found a place to cross the river and see a man being attacked by a tatzulworm. After aiding him in defeating the worm, he introduced himself Olus and joined our group. He smells the same as me, but yet it is different.

127th day: We came back at the Stag lord’s fort and are going down into the secret tunnel. The annoying creatures int the tunnel are dispatched although with difficulty. But we found a treasure hoard of stolen goods. We use the carts in the fort to move the hoard to Oleg’s Trading post.

133th day: We returned to Oleg’s Trading Post adn a Orc named Cerest Onigur Gro’Malek was there to meet with us. He was send by the Swordlords to assist us with starting up our own kingdom. we also delivered the head of the Tatzelworm to Oleg and informed and escorted Kafken to the ruins of the temple we found in the forest.


Dinictus Snah25

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